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We are Con aka "UNC" &  Donna aka "Penny". We live in Red Lion, PA. Penny is formally from York, PA. (Not New York).  UNC was born and raised in Hazleton. We were just married at an Internet Wedding on Feb. 18th, 2003 at a friend's in Arkansas.  Between us  we have seven children and one grandchild.  Between the both of us we've been into computers a little over five years and  enjoy very much going to Yahoo Chat and the friends we've met there. Penny is  really into wolves, so if you see quite a lot here, don't be surprised.  This page is a joint venture from our old web  pages.  We thought it would be more easier that way.                                          


                     Hope you like our joint venture.






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Take A Look At Our Weddings Pics,
along with our trip to Arkansas, where we got married.


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